V3 REFERENCE Contact Lists


An action for adding a contact to a contact list. Only POST is supported. The API will internally create the new contact if it does not exist, add or update the name and properties. The properties have to be defined before they can be used. The API then adds the contact to the contact list with active=true and unsub=specified value if it is not already in the list, or updates the entry with these values. On success, the API returns a packet with the same format but with all properties available for that contact.

Manage a single contact subscription in the given contact list

curl -s -X POST \
https://api.mailjet.com/v3/REST/contactslist/:id/managecontact \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"Email": ...}'
Name Description
Email The email to be added
  • Mandatory
  • [ Type AnsiString ]
Name The name of the contact
  • [ Type AnsiString ]
Action Action is any of the values "addforce", "addnoforce", "remove", "unsub"
  • Mandatory
  • [ Type AnsiString ]
Properties {"property1":value,...,"propertyN":value}
  • [ Type TJSONObject ]